Custom Quilts

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Quilt construction is a multistep process. The final cost is determined by choices made in each step of the process. Use the guidelines below to determine the cost of your custom quilt. I will gladly discuss the design of your quilt with you at any time.

Cutting and piecing basic patterns, such as log cabin (and its many variations), split rail fence, nine patch, trip around the world, sunshine and shadow, or Ohio star is charged at a rate of $3.00 per square foot if you supply your own 100% cotton fabric. 

If you prefer, I will be glad to select and purchase the fabric, adding the actual cost of the fabric plus an additional $20.00.


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After the quilt top is pieced and prior to basting and quilting, it is essential that all seams be pressed properly and that the quilt top be completely flat, or the quilting will pucker. Unlike clothing construction, quilting seams are pressed to one side, toward the darker fabric if possible. This provides additional stability to the piecework seams. Ironing is a flat rate of $12.00 per quilt top, whether you supply the top or I have made the top.

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Batting is the layer in the middle of the quilt. Batting gives the quilt body and thickness, and it brings out the quilting pattern on the finished quilt. You may choose polyester, poly-cotton blend, 100% cotton, or wool batting, high or low loft, and I will add the actual cost of the batting.

You may wish to supply your own backing. If so, please allow an additional 3"-4" on each edge of the quilt. If I have to piece the backing with your fabric, the charge is $18.00. Or you can choose solid muslin (bleached or unbleached) backing for $12.99 per yard for 108" fabric or $17.99 per yard for 120" wide fabric, depending upon the size of your quilt. If fabric less than 108" can be used, the cost will be reduced in accordance with the price of the fabric.


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Before the actual quilting can begin, the quilt top, batting, and backing must be sandwiched together and secured by basting. Basting is typically done by long hand stitches running diagonally from corner to corner, horizontally and vertically at 4"-6" intervals. The basting holds the sandwiched layers in place and prevents them from shifting as the quilting is completed. Crib and lap quilt $25.00; twin $30.00; double $35.00; queen $40.00; king $45.00.



You choose the color quilting thread you want me to use. There is no additional charge for white or ecru. Colored thread is an additional $2.50, variegated thread $5.00.

Machine quilting is charged at $0.018 per square inch ( multiply the width times the length for the total number of square inches in your quilt) for overall patterns (repeating patterns or meandering); $0.028 per square inch for custom quilting.
If you prefer your quilt be hand quilted, the charge is $2.50 per yard of quilting thread used. Simpler quilting designs, such as quilting in the ditch or outline quilting are, therefore, less expensive than more elaborate quilting patterns. The amount of hand quilting is entirely your choice.
The final touch is the binding, which goes around the edges of the quilt and finishes off the raw edges. Binding with mitered corners is $0.40 per linear inch. If you are supplying the fabric, remember that additional fabric is required to create the binding.

You may choose between USPS, Federal Express, or UPS. I do require that you purchase insurance for the shipment. You will be charged actual shipping costs.

Deposit (any size quilt): $100.00, refundable until fabric has been purchased.